Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bulletin Boards for Monster Stories

The first bulletin board in our room for our "Monster Stories" theme is the Go Away Big Green Monster Bulletin Board.  This is an interactive bulletin board.  The children can change the monster's face to look any way they like.

Our children's art bulletin board features our Scary Leonardo Faces that we made on the first day of our "Monster Stories" theme.
The dramatic play bulletin board is a Monster Train Station to go along with the Monster Train that we have in our dramatic play area.

Cooking Activity: Monster Toast

For this cooking activity we first mixed a few drops of food coloring with milk.  Next the children used paint brushes and the colored milk to paint a monster face on their bread.  We popped them in the toaster for a few minutes and then they were ready to eat.

Art Activity: Monster Train Decorating

For our art activity today we let the children decorate the monster train that is in our Dramatic Play area.  We gave the kids markers and crayons and let them color, scribble, and draw anything they wanted on the train.

Story Book for November 25, 2008

Our story book for November 25th was Come For a Ride on the Ghost Train by Colin and Jacqui Hawkins.  In this story the readers take a ride on the Ghost train through a slimy swamp, scary forest, gruesome graveyard, and other spooky places.

The kids absolutely loved this book!!!

Music Activity: Horns, Fangs, Knees and Claws

For our music activity we sang the song Horns, Fangs, Knees and Claws.  This is an alternate version of the favorite children's song "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes", but we've reworked it a little bit to fit our monster stories theme.

You can click on this link to see some children singing this song.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Music Activity: Wild Rumpus

For our music activity today we had a Wild Rumpus.  A Wild Rumpus is sort of a monster parade where you make lots of noise and play your instruments really loud.  Each child had an instrument for this activity.

Art Activity: Leonardo's Scary Face

After reading the book, Leonardo the Terrible Monster, we had the children make a scary Leonardo face.  In the book Leonardo tries very hard to be scary, but just wasn't.  We gave the children fabric circles for Leonardo's head, string, fabric eyes, foam horns and teeth.  The children used tacky glue to create their scary Leonardo face.

Story Book for November 24, 2008

Our story book for November 24th was Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems.  This is the story of a little monster, Leonardo, who can't seem to scare anyone, no matter how hard he tries.  He hopes to be able to "scare the tuna salad" out of the most scaredy-cat kid in the whole world.  A little boy named Sam.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Art Activity: Purple Crayon Drawings

After reading Harold and the Purple Crayon we hung up long pieces of butcher paper in the hallway and gave the children purple crayons.  The children used their purple crayons to draw anything their imagination could conjure.

Story Book for November 21, 2008

Our story book for November 21 was Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson.  The story of a little boy who uses his purple crayon to draw wonderful world created from his imagination.

Story Book for November 20, 2008

Our story book for November 20th was It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw.  This book features a white shape that changes shape on every page.  Is it a rabbit?  Is it an Owl?  Is it a Mitten?  We find out what the white shape is at the end of the book.

Story Book for November 19, 2008

Our story book for November 19th was The Night Sky by Alice Pernick.  Simple text describes some of the many wonderful things to be found in the night sky.

Art Activity: Glitter Stars

For this art activity we gave the children star shaped paper in various colors, glue, paint brushes and glitter.  The children used their paint brushes to spread the glue on their paper stars.  After applying glue, the children sprinkled glitter over their stars.

Science Activity: Reflecting Light

For this science activity we gave the children flashlights and a stand up mirror.  We asked the children to shine their flashlight into the mirror to see what would happen.  The children learned that the light would reflect off of the mirror and appear on the wall behind them.

Story Book for November 18, 2008

Our story book for November 18th, 2008 was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Sylvia Long.  This is a version of the classic children's song featuring animals.

Math Activity: Teddy Bear Counting

For this math activity we gave the children a spinner with bears on it, and some colorful teddy bear counters.  The children spun the spinner and then counted out that number of teddy bears.  This activity helped develop the children's touch counting skills.

Story Book for November 17, 2008

Our story book for November 17th was Bunny Day by Rick Walton.  This story follows a bunny family throughout their day.  Telling time is part of this story.  On each hour of the day, the bunnies are engaged in another part of their day.

Story Book for November 12, 2008

Our story book for November 12th, 2008 was The Sun is My Favorite Star by Frank Asch.  This is about a little boy who explains why he loves the Sun.  From waking him up in the morning to making shadows for him among other reasons.

Math Activity: Clothing Graph

For this activity the children were asked to count how many people were wearing a certain clothing and then use wooden blocks to graph that number.  For example, how many people were wearing a skirt that day, or how many were wearing shoes that day.

Art Activity: Lacing Bears

For this activity we gave the children bear shaped paper with holes punched all around the edges.  The children used yarn to lace in and out of the holes all around the bear.  This was a great fine motor exercise for the children.

Story Book for November 14, 2008

Our story book for November 14th was Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? by Nancy White Carlstrom.  This is the story of a young bear's day from morning until night time.  

Language Activity: The Napping House

After reading The Napping House story, the children used magnetic pieces to retell the story in their own words.  Since the story pieces were magnetic they could be used on our classroom chalkboard.

Art Activity: Quilt Collage

We gave the children large pieces of paper, fabric scraps, glue and paint brushes for this activity.  The children used the paint brushes to spread glue on their paper and then pressed the fabric scraps onto their paper to make a quilt collage.

Story Book for November 13, 2008

Our story book for November 13th was The Napping House by Don and Audrey Wood.  The Napping House is a house where everyone is sleeping.  Including a snoring granny, a dreaming child, a dozing dog, and others.  Great illustrations and a great story for preschoolers.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Corn Syrup Painting

This was kind of a messy art activity.  We let the children spread corn syrup over their paper using a paint brush.  Next the children put drops of food coloring on their papers.  The food coloring spreads on it's own throughout the corn syrup to make some great designs.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Science Activity: Making Shadows

For this science activity we used flashlights to make hand shadows on the wall.  The teachers showed the children how to use their hands to make animal shadows such as birds and dogs.

Art Activity: Shadow Tracing

For this art activity we put paper and stencils on our light table.  The children selected which stencils they wanted to use, and then placed them under their paper.  The children used markers and colored pencils to trace around the shadow the stencils made on the paper.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Story Book for November 11, 2008

Our story book for November 11th was What Makes a Shadow? by Clyde Robert Bulla.  This is a non-fiction book that shows what shadows are and how they are formed.

Woodworking Activity: Styrofoam Hammering

For our woodworking activity this past week, the children hammered golf tees into styrofoam blocks.  This is a good activity for those children who may not yet have the strength to hammer nails into wood.

Art Activity: Owl Moon Art

For this art activity the children first rubbed colored chalk all over their papers.  Next they rubbed over the chalk with a paper towel.  Next the children placed a spoonful of watered down black paint on their paper, and then tilted their paper back and forth to make the paint run over the paper in different directions.  Next the kids glued on a full moon and a picture of an owl to complete their picture.

Story Book for November 10, 2008

Our story book for November 10th was Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.  This is the story of a little girl who takes a late night walk in the woods with her father.  The purpose of the walk is to try spotting an owl at night.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Story Book for November 7, 2008

Our story book for November 7th was Little Baa by Kim Lewis.   This is the story of a lamb who get separated from it's mother after wandering away from her.  The mother sheep later finds the lamb with the help of a sheep dog that works on the farm.

Story Book for November 6, 2008

Our story book for November 6th was The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone.  

Story Book for November 3, 2008

Our story book for November 3rd was Three Little Kittens by Paul Galdone.    This book is a version of the Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Art Activity: Playdough Animals

For our art activity on Friday, we gave the children various colors of playdough, feather, beads and some other materials.  We asked them to create an animal out of the materials.  The children made snakes, birds, lizards, and crocodiles.  Click here to learn the importance of playdough to preschoolers.

Story Book for October 31, 2008

Our story book for October 31st was The Big Wide-Mouthed Frog by Ana Martin Larranaga.  This is the story of a Big Wide-Mouthed Frog who set out to see the world and asks each animal he meets, "Who are you, and what do you eat?".   At the end of the story the frog meets a crocodile who eats Big Wide-Mouthed Frogs.  He quickly become a small narrow-mouthed frog.

Math Activity: Box Sizes

Our math activity on Thursday consisted of arranging boxes in order by size.  The children arranged the boxes from largest to smallest vice versa.  Click here to learn the importance of preschoolers practicing seriating objects by size.

Story Book for October 30, 2008

Our story book for October 30th was Goodnight, Baby Monster by Laura Lueck.  This was a rhyming story featuring nighttime creatures both real and imaginary getting ready for bed.  Some of the creatures featured in the book include goblins, swamp things, bats, and ghosts.

Story Book for October 29, 2008

Our story book for October 29th was The Itsy Bitsy Spider by Iza Trapani.  This story is an extended version of the well known children's song.  In this version the spider also climbs up a rocking chair, a bucket, and a tree.

Science Activity: Sink or Float?

Our science activity for Tuesday was Sink or Float?  We gave the children a variety of materials and a container of water and asked them to make predictions about which items would float on the water and which would sink to the bottom of the container.  After making their predictions the children dropped their items into the water to see what would happen.

Math Activity: Container Lid Sizes

Our math activity on Tuesday consisted of arranging container lids in order by size.  The children arranged the lids from smallest to largest.  Click here to learn the importance of preschoolers seriating objects by size.