Sunday, July 5, 2009

Art Activity: Clothes Pin Butterflies

For this art activity the children first selected a clothes pin and with the teacher's help attached a pipe cleaner to make antennae. Next the teachers helped the children fold a coffee filter and put it inside the clothes pin. The children used eye droppers to apply watered down paint to their butterfly's wings.

Story Book for June 3, 2009

Our story book for June 3rd was The Caterpillar's Wedding by Shen Roddie. Two caterpillars decide to get married, but the bride to be can't find a suitable dress to wear to the event.

Art Activity: Tissue Paper Ladybugs

We gave the children ladybug shaped paper, different colors of tissue paper, black paper circles, eyeball stickers, and glue for this activity. The children glued on the tissue paper and black circles, then added the eyeball stickers to make their ladybugs.

Story Book for June 2, 2009

Our story book for June 2nd was The Very Lazy Ladybug by Isobel Finn. The story of a lazy ladybug who only wants to sleep, and is too lazy to even learn how to fly. The ladybug hops onto different animals in the hopes of finding a quiet place to sleep.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Math Activity: Digging for Worms

For this activity we put rubber worms in a container of dirt. We gave the children shovels and numbered cups. The children used the shovels to find the worms. They had to count out the correct number of worms to put in each cup. 5 worms in the #5 cup, 10 worms in the #10 cup, etc...

Art Activity: Spider Webs with Marbles

On this day the kids made spider webs. We gave them white paint, black paper, marbles, glitter and a large box top. The kids put their paper inside the box top. Next they dipped their marbles in the white paint and moved the box back and forth. The marbles traveled over the black paper to create a spider web. The children sprinkled glitter over the paint to make more eye catching.

Story Book for June 1, 2009

Our story book for June 1st was The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. A spider spends all day working on it's web. The other animals on the farm would like for the spider to come play with them, but the spider is just too busy to play.

Art Activity: Ant Hill Rubbings

The teacher's made rubbing plates that looked like ant hills for this activity.
The children laid their paper over the rubbing plates and rubbed crayons over the paper
Next, the children glued ants to their paper to make it look like the ant hill was full of ants.

Story Book for May 29, 2009

Our story book for May 29th was Which Way Now? by J. Croser. Three ants must find a way to get a piece of cake off the belly of a sleeping man at the beach. A great book for learning about "left" and "right".

Art Activity: Insect Pizzas

After reading the book Sam's Pizza by David Pelham, we let the children create their own insect pizzas. We gave the kids a round piece of construction paper to use as a crust, some pizza toppings made from construction paper, insect stickers, and some scotch tape. First the kids applied the insect stickers to their pizza crust. Next, they taped the toppings over the insect stickers. They only put tape on one end of the toppings, so that it could still be lifted up to reveal the insect underneath; just like in the book.

Story Book for May 28, 2009

Our story book for May 28th was Sam's Pizza by David Pelham. Sam fixes a special pizza for his sister. Hidden under the usual pizza toppings are insects and other disgusting items for his sister.

Woodworking Activity: Bug Collection

This was a pretty simple woodworking activity. We let the children use a hammer to nail rubber bugs to an old tree stump.

Art Activity: Balloon Insects

For this activity the teachers first cut out insect wings, legs, and antennae, from construction paper. We gave each child a long balloon to make their insect with. The children taped the insect parts onto their balloon. After adding some eyeball stickers to the insect, the children made an assortment of dragonflies, mosquitoes, and other insects.